Tuesday, April 20, 2010


First came Frenglish... Next came Dunglish... And now I seem to have created an entirely new language althogether: Fredunglish??? 

Fredunglish consists of a mix of: 
1. English (my mother tongue)
2. French (The ultimate romance language. I discovered the joys of Frenglish during our 6 month stay in France in 2007-2008)
3. Dutch (Hmmmm.... no words can describe this language)

Now, how to tell if someone has mastered the linguistic challenge of Fredunglish??? Individuals who speak this language are easily recognised. They are the person standing in line at the supermarket who responds with 'oui' when asked if they'd like the receipt and can't figure out why the cashier is giving them a funny look; the person who when trying to pronounce a 'g' word such as 'goedemorgen' or 'dag' manages to not only make the throaty 'g' noise that sounds like you have a mouth full of saliva, but actually manages to splutter this saliva onto the unsuspecting other half of the conversation; the person who claims they can count from 1 to 10: een, deux, drie, vier, five, zes, seven, acht, negen, dix; the person who attempts 'hallo' but it continually comes out sounding like 'hello'; the person who greets you with Salut! And farewells you with Dag!... 

A fluent speaker of Fredunglish generally has a giant red stamp - FOREIGNER - on their forehead; the aforementioned symptoms make this stamp glow ever so brightly :-)


  1. Hey Lu, you will just have to meet some other people who speak your language :) Hope the language learning is going okay :)

    Love lots, Martine

  2. Hey Lu,
    Sounds like fun!! I used to mix English, Japanese and Nepali and get some really strange looks!!
    Your blog is great, I am really enjoying it.

  3. Thanks guys! It's always fun learning a new language - sure gets the brain cells moving! Speaking of which, I should probably finish my study break about now and hit the textbooks again... xo


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