Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ten Things

10 things, thanks to Meet Me At Mikes for the idea...
  • My first time on a plane was a holiday in Fiji when I was 20. Since then, I've travelled through a total of 19 foreign countries and love exploring the big wide world!
  • I love to eat and have an enormous appetite. I love trying new things and will give just about anything a go. Mind you, I haven't been to a country yet where delicacies such as guinea pig or dog are on the menu so this may change...
  • Apparently I hop on and off my bike like it's a horse. This is according to a little old Dutch man at a local bike store who gleefully informed Mitch of this fact while I test drove a bike. Turns out Dutch ladies are a whole lot more elegant then myself.
  • When I make a cold Milo, the cup is 3/4 Milo and 1/4 milk - the only way a cold Milo should be made!
  • I was afraid to put my head underwater until I was 6. School swimming lessons tried to rectify this by putting me in the calm corner of the swimming pool and have someone pour buckets of water over my head for an hour - to no avail. I finally got myself over this fear by filling the bathroom sink and regularly sticking my head in it.
  • I hate pencils. The sound of a pencil on paper is like fingernails on a blackboard to my ears.
  • My all time favourite toy is a doll made by my Mum. When she was given to me (I don't know when, but I was very little) I was asked what I wanted to 'name her' - and so I called her 'Namea'. Namea was much loved, so much so that Mum had to replace her hand painted face (once, maybe twice?) and her entire body had to be re-covered in a new fabric thanks to lots of cuddles.
  • I took on figure skating as an adult and am proud to say I can now skate backwards, bunny hop, pivot, crossover, lunge, mohawk, spin, spiral, three turn, waltz and do a basic jump!
  • I can't decide if I'm a city girl or a country girl. I miss having horses and the peace and quiet of the countryside, but I do love the buzz of a busy city and a bit of retail therapy. I have to say, our new home in Holland is the first place that I've been to that seems to have the ideal combination of both city and country.
  • I can honestly say that my husband is my best friend: we met when I was 15, started dating when I was 16, got married when I was 19 and have been living happily ever after since :-)
And that makes 10...


  1. Poor you in the pool! Swimming lessons... YUCK!!!! Thanks for your TEN! They are ace!

  2. Hi there Lu! I love these ten! I hope your well! Love the photos! Love Martine


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