Thursday, April 8, 2010

To market, to market

Well, maybe not to market, but to Jan Linders anyway... It's no Albert Heijn, but on a cold rainy day it's our most convenient supermarket and after heaving home my kgs of purchases today, I got to thinking about the humble supermarket.

One of my favourite things about being in a foreign country is a visit to the supermarket. Corner shop or Walmart-style, it doesn't matter: I've always found a certain enjoyment in doing the groceries. Sounds boring I know, and it may be my love for food and eating that has brought about this fascination but I could honestly spend hours aimlessly wandering the aisles and trying to decipher if I'm buying beef or horse (seriously - I once went to the checkout in France with a lovely fillet of horsemeat!).

As I have only just started my Dutch studies yesterday, my grasp of the language isn't quite good enough yet to fully understand the various goods that line the aisles. I never take a dictionary with me however - I love just winging it and figuring out exactly what I've bought when I get home. It makes the simple things in life - like buying museli and yoghurt - somewhat entertaining.

I have discovered though that leaving my pocket translator at home isn't always the best idea... On Tuesday, I bought a few bottles of milk from AH. Now, milk seems like a simple thing to buy - from my basic translation, I had figured out that it's similar to France: you either buy the incredibly popular long life milk (no thanks), koffie melk (also, no thanks) or you choose from the very limited selection of fresh milk: full or half cream. This morning I came downstairs to see Mitch eating toast for breakfast. Being highly unusual for my Special K eating husband, I asked him why he wasn't eating cereal. Turns out, we have a fridge full of karnemelk: sour milk/buttermilk. Mmmmmm!!!!

So, I went to the shops today with the intention of a quick visit to buy some replacement milk and some other staples. After an hour, I finally exited the supermarket with a truckload of Dutch goodies and various other things that I just couldn't resist - including this poffertjes packet mix! Now to buy a poffertje pan...

And of course, some yummy sweets for afternoon tea: speculas (spice biscuits), stroopwafels (wafers filled with chewy caramel) and my all time favourite - almond fingers. Yum!

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  1. Hey Lu!! Love your post! I love the supermarket story...I love looking at all the different things in the supermarket in other countries too! You never know what you might come home with!! We came home with what we thought was milk too in holland- but we were disappointed when pouring some weired sour yoghurt "milk"!! Your morning tea looks very yummy! Love Martine


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