Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dreaming of the city of lights...

While my very lucky husband is in Paris today for work, I'm at home studying and dreaming of my favourite city...

Paris - there's nothing else quite like it...


  1. wow, i love your photos...i've never been anywhere close to europe but it's on my bucket list! i hope to get there someday!

  2. these are wonderful photos.. so inspirational and pretty

    Anna Katrina

  3. There isn't anything like it and I hope one day I can visit Paris!

  4. Hey Luana,
    Your Paris photo's are fantastic!! I am going there in September and am sooooo excited. After I booked my ticket it took me about a week for my feet to hit the ground again.
    I hope you are well,

  5. Thanks for the lovely comments on the photos everyone!

    Selina - wow, that is fantastic news! I'm so excited for you - you are going to LOVE Paris! Make sure you set aside some time for macaron eating - trust me, you'll get addicted :-) If you're headed over towards Flatland, do let me know - would love to see you! :-)

  6. Hey Luana,
    Thanks!! I am definitely setting time aside for macaroon eating - and maybe even a couple of hours cooking class in how to make them, well, hopefully anyway!! At this stage I am not going to the Netherlands, although I don't have all of my internal travel finalised yet, so if I have a few days free I'll let you know. ...Otherwise....there's the option to meet me for a couple of days in Paris or Rome.....I'll be in Europe for 6 weeks in Sept/Oct, so I still have a while to sort it out. But I am sooooo excited, especially about France and Italy.
    Enjoy the rest of your day,


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