Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dutch clichés: windmills / windmolen

Mitch and I still get so excited every time we drive past a windmill, see an old clog or spot a lone tulip - so last weekend we decided to embrace this particular cliché and spend an afternoon wandering through these 19 beautiful old windmills at Kinderdijk... Loved it!


  1. Hey Lu,
    lovely windmills, when you are there do you get time to just sit and relax? It looks like the perfect place for a coffee.
    I love your new home, it is beautiful.
    Have fun,

  2. It was surprisingly relaxing, although it was quite a hot day (for Holland) - there were a few cute little 'eet cafes' nearby where we lazed in the sun and enjoyed some bier & bitterballen... was a lovely afternoon out! Hope you're having fun with the holiday planning!


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