Monday, May 31, 2010

Queen of the snowplow

My dear friend Sarah flew over for a visit this last weekend and when the typical Dutch weather kicked in on Sunday (in other words: cold, rainy & overcast) we decided it was a great opportunity to hit the slopes and practice our skiing skills...

Yes, skiing - in Flatland?!?!?! AND only days off summer?!?!?! This beautiful country I am currently calling home might be known for it's lack of hills, but it does boast the worlds largest indoor ski field. We spent the afternoon at a much smaller ski park where I spent hours whizzing down the hill in a snowplow...

It certainly doesn't compare to skiing in the Swiss Alps, New Zealand or Australia but still - for three Aussies from sunny Qld, 'skiing' indoors is an awesome way to spend a rainy afternoon!!!!


  1. hey lu! love the photos, love martine

  2. wow, an indoor ski place. that's really cool!


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