Sunday, June 27, 2010

Attack of the killer flies

Ok, they may not be KILLER flies, but.... The weather in our part of the world has warmed up and summer has finally arrived - despite the fact that our summer temperatures here are the same (and often colder) then in Queensland at the moment, where it is currently winter. With long, warm sunny days and no rain in sight, I've been really enjoying finally being able to open our apartment and let the crisp air inside without having to don my thermals and a beanie. Our apartment has really large windows that open completely which is important to me - I hate being stuck in stuffy areas. However, it hasn't got fly screens and this didn't alarm me when we decided to rent it - for some bizarre reason, I just assumed that there were no creepy crawlies in Europe.

In the last few days, I have discovered a particular breed of flying insect that gives Australian bugs a run for their money. It might not compare in the danger factor (as far as I'm aware, it doesn't bite, sting, leave you itching, require fumigation of your house and contact with one certainly doesn't necessitate a hospital visit) but it's sure up there in the annoyance factor. It's the giant version of those ordinary little black flies.

Now, you may think I'm overreacting but believe me, this is no ordinary fly. I'm convinced it's the size of my little toe and can be heard a mile before it even considers flying in through my defenceless windows - when I hear a buzzing that momentarily confuses me and leaves me wondering if we live on a train track, I rush to defend my home and shut my windows in a hurry but alas, this little critter is too crafty - I close one window, he quickly dodges running into a glass pane and flies in through the next opening. 

I have discovered this little pests vulnerability however - it is too trusting. Unlike most other flies, it is relatively docile and will sit on a table for minutes without moving. Now, I generally HATE killing bugs. I have a well known fear of spiders (I'm still blaming this on the huntsmen spider in my bed when I was a kid) and this fear was kinda-almost-a-little-bit of a contributing factor to nearly writing off our little green Mazda when I was 17 (that's another story in itself). 

Flying insects (including flies) are also something I loathe. Luckily for me, Mitch adores fly swatting. Honestly - if Mitch hears even a slight buzzing, his ears prick up and he's on the ready with a tea towel (for some reason, we have never owned a fly swat - hmmm note to self, next time I'm stuck on a present idea, I'm buying my husband the fanciest fly swat around), flicking it with great skill that has been acquired after years of practice - whenever we move out of a rental property, it takes hours to go around and clean all the flicked bug remnants off the ceiling that Mitch has left behind. I always tease him about it and now while I am temporarily husband-less, I'm missing him and his fly swatting skills more then ever. I decided it was time to get over my fear and since my prior experience with tea towel flicking ends up with more injuries to myself then anyone else, I pulled a cushion off the couch and snuck up on those little freight train flies... The poor little annoying critters had no idea what was coming and after happily swatting 4 of them, I elatedly emailed Mitch telling him of my fly chasing escapades, much to his surprise!

Hmmmm I think I hear a buzzing.... Time to get that pillow off the couch and go on a fly hunt - and here I was thinking I left all the creepy crawlies behind in Australia???

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