Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bohemian mini break

An early morning walk, a bus, a flight, another bus, a train and another big walk and seven hours later I've made it home to what feels like a heat wave after the somewhat chilly temperatures of the Czech Republic! Mitch and I have spent the last few days in Prague - once again, making the most of his work travel schedule! It was a fantastic weekend, a great getaway in a beautiful part of the world that I've been wanting to visit ever since the last time we lived in Europe.

I'd heard so much about this city (all good) that I was honestly expecting to be disappointed - I thought maybe it was just a whole lot of hype. But, I was not disappointed in the least - the history, the architecture, the food, the cobbled streets, the blackened old castle on a hill overlooking the city.... Prague is one amazing place. And topped off with a visit into the countryside to the creepy Kutna Hora, it makes for a gorgeous Bohemian mini break :-)

More photos to come...

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