Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Knitting like a Nanna

I haven't really been doing anything creative since leaving Australia - for some reason I just haven't been feeling inspired to knit or sew. There's been so many other things on my mind with moving, holidaying, studying and settling into life in a new country. After now being here for 3 months however, I'm finally starting to feel like making things again and my desire to create has well and truly kicked back in.

I started this cute little guy a few days ago and happily finished him off this morning - he looks ready to hit the snow, as am I - I still can't get over the fact that it has finally warmed up and I'm feeling a little bit toasty at the moment!!!

--- Excuse my poor photo, being temporarily husband-less means I am also temporarily without my trusty photographer and I had to resort to pulling out my little ixus which just doesn't quite compare ---

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  1. Oh, he's really cute. Knitting is probably a nicer pastime then swatting flies ;-)
    It's freezing cold here at the moment...winter has kicked in and I really don't have the clothes for it..
    I visited martine the other day, and had a lovely time.
    Have fun,


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