Thursday, June 17, 2010

My sewing corner

Since putting my trusty Janome into storage earlier this year, I have really been missing my sewing machine. After considering my options - whether or not to get it posted over? get my Dad to bring it over? - I decided the easiest option would be to just buy myself a new sewing machine. And so, after a trip to Blokker I came home with this little Toyota - it's very basic compared to my nice Janome but it'll do what I need perfectly.

Since buying my new sewing machine however, I have been suffering from a complete lack of creativity. The machine sat in our car for days, then in it's box for some time before I decided to unpack it. It's nice having my own little sewing corner (and not having all my material and machine strewn all over the kitchen table like in Australia) but I'm at a loss as to what to do with it. Sadly, my new machine has only been put to the test just once, with an unsuccessful hemming of some of Mitch's jeans (next time, they are going to a tailor - lets just say I got a little bit scissor happy and my poor husband is now wearing slightly short jeans :-P ).

So, I am feeling really keen to start creating things again but I'm in desperate need of some ideas & inspiration.

Do you have any favourite websites or blogs for patterns and tutorials? Any favourite books?

This keen-to-start-sewing-but-lacking-ideas girl would appreciate any thoughts, ideas and advice :-)


  1. Hey Lu, have a look at the blogs i follow. Attic 24 is a great creative blog (even though she mainly crochets - its very colourful) and the melly and me blog is a great sewing one.

  2. Great, thanks for that - I checked them out, have got a couple of ideas now - time to go material shopping I think!

  3. Hey Lu,
    I'm afraid I don't have much creative inspiration at the moment, but I've been loving catching up on your blog. I have just arrived back from 2 weeks in Townsville, doing a Public Health Management course, which was absolutely fantastic!!! I even got a day on Magnetic Island, which was lovely.
    Have you been making any softies lately?
    All the best,

  4. Hey Selina! Oooh Magnetic Island sounds lovely, I wish I had the option to go up there for my public health stuff hehe! Hope the study is going well. I'm slowly getting back into the softies - have just finished knitting a toy for a friends baby yesterday and I think that has gotten my fingers itching to knit some more little creations. The biggest problem here is a lack of places to buy wool/material but I'm slowly figuring out where to go! I'm hoping to get the Etsy site back up and running or maybe do markets or something, we'll see. Hope all your holiday planning is going well - you must be getting pretty excited! :-) Lu


Thanks for reading, your comments make my day :-)


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