Friday, June 25, 2010

Study study study

Thanks to my upcoming Dutch exam next week, I've had nothing but study on the brain for the last couple of days. With a textbook, word book, work book, standard dictionary, 'Learn Dutch in 30 Days' CD, personalised dictionary (one of the best things I've done - turned a pocket sized address book into my own dictionary for any new words I'm struggling to remember) and my trusty bright yellow 'Dutch for Dummies' book (which I'm proud to admit I feel like I've nearly outgrown), this standard book method of study is getting a little monotonous.

With my motivation slowly disappearing, I decided it's time to get a little bit inventive with my study methods and have discovered a new way to learn: tv kijken. Yes, that's right - studying by watching tv!!! Cable tv seems to be really common here (to get our internet, we first needed a cable tv package) and so I've certainly had a choice of channels to watch. I've discovered that television shows in the Netherlands are one of three things:

(1) Foreign, shown in the original language and subtitled. I think this is brilliant - when I want to watch something mindless, I can just sit and watch like I would in Australia without having to think. When I feel like using my brain - I listen while reading the subtitles and have my personalised dictionary handy to write any new words in. Mind you, it's not so nice when the foreign movie is say, French or Spanish - then I'm stuck making up the story on my own.
(2) A children's show and therefore dubbed, no subtitles.
(3) A Dutch show.

Today I discovered the value of dubbed children's shows in my learning. Sadly, I'm now kinda hooked on 'Dora the Explorer' - being aimed at little kids, the sentences are fairly simple and there's plenty of counting and songs. I'm loving being able to actually understand something!!! Although I'm fairly confident in my reading & writing, I tend to struggle with speaking & listening.

So with that in mind, it's time to get back to the study now I suppose - I better check the TV-gids and see when the next instalment of Dora is on...


  1. Oh Luana, that's great!!! Dora the explorer is one of my neices favourites, and the stuff is so cute. I like the map one.
    Your bohemian break sounds fantastic, it's starting to seem real that I am going to have a holiday, although I haven't organised a lot yet. I might need some ideas, especially of things to do and places to stay in Paris.
    Well, happy stuyding, I hope your exam goes well, you'll have to see what other kiddy shows are on.
    All the best,

  2. Thanks Selina, I'm hoping it goes well too, it's a bit nerve racking!!!! If you need any European ideas at all, please let me know - there's a reason I LOVE holiday planning, I'm always happy to help! Take care :-)


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