Tuesday, June 15, 2010

To be relaxed

Thanks to a week of lazing on a deck chair by the sea, I am feeling incredibly relaxed, tanned (after a spot of nasty sunburn which with the help of some aloe vera has turned into a lovely brown – I almost look Australian again), full of warmth (after 28deg days for a week, a bit of a change to the weather I’m slowly becoming accustomed to!) and although I was a bit over it by Friday, I’ve now got a slight craving for pizza and pasta again. We arrived back in bikeland in the early hours of Saturday morning (after spending a few fun hours stuck on the tarmac in Alghero on Friday night – ugh) after a week in the most gorgeous location: the Capo Caccia, Sardinia.

As this was a work trip for Mitch, we decided to fly in a few days early to enjoy what this Italian island has to offer. Although Mitch and I have seen a fair chunk of Europe over the past few years, this was the first time we had ever taken an internal flight. Being a bit of a holiday bargain hunter, I am forever SO excited when I discover we can both fly return to another country for the price of a meal at a mediocre restaurant back in Australia. Upon embarking our first super-budget-airline flight that made Jetstar look like the Ritz, the head flight attendant was making his announcement. “Welcome onboard our flight today to…”. Silence. The flight attendant leans over to me and whispers in my ear as I walk past “ummm… where are we going today???”. Ahhhhh… You get the quality you pay for I suppose!!!

After making it to our destination, we awoke the next morning to a beautiful view of the mountains and clear blue sea. 

We decided to hike down the loooooong driveway of our resort to catch a local bus into Alghero. The very kind driver decided to give us a free trip as he spoke no English – I love how FREE is a universal word. We then spent hours aimlessly wandered around the little cobbled streets of this old city, stopping in sunny little cafes for a beer or two along the way...

We also made the most of the mountains and took a scenic walk, enjoying panoramic views of the Capo Caccia, our home for the week…

Our stroll led us to relive our memories our afternoon tackling the 3000 stone steps in Nepal by making our way down some very steep steps to a grotto. Unfortunately, unlike Nepal we had to make our way back up the stairs…

I was blown away by the beauty of the grotto di neptuno… I had been thinking it would be much like the caves we have in Australia, but no – it was in a league of its own… Set over a natural lake, it was truly magical.

And when our glorious weekend was over and Mitch had to start work, I lazed by the sea and enjoyed the sunshine, taking leisurely dips in the chilly mediterranean, swimming in the pool, eating to my hearts content and – studying… Yes, although I had a textbook in hand for a great deal of the week, I can now say I truly know the meaning of ontspannen…


  1. I love the photos of Sardinia Lu! Wow - it is beautiful! also what does that dutch word mean?? :)) Hope your well!
    love lots, Martine

  2. Thanks Tia, it sure was beautiful :-) It means 'relaxed' - was my word of the week in Sardinia! I'm doing well, missing all you guys though!!! xo

  3. Looks gorgeous! I am loving what I have seen of the Mediterranean thus far (being Croatia), and I hope I can spend much more time there this summer. Might even have to see if I can fit in a trip to Italy/Sardinia too.


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