Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wandering Wednesday - Tokoriki Island, Fiji

Welcome to the first part of my new series - Wandering Wednesday!

When I was working full time, Wednesday - the middle of the working week (affectionately known by most as hump day) - was usually a dull day. Yes, work was half over for the week, but there was still a lot more to get through before the weekend.

And so begins Wandering Wednesday: a little glimpse into foreign destinations, small getaways to take you away from the desk and that good old mid week boredom... :-)

Tokoriki Island, Fiji - my visit here might have been 5 1/2 years ago, but it's still the most luxurious holiday I have ever experienced (and probably ever will!) and the destination that switched on a part of my brain to travel mode - after returning from this holiday, all plans for our near future had changed: the travel bug had well and truly kicked in and there was no going back...

Tokorki lies in the Mamanuca group of islands, a lovely days boat ride from Nadi provided you don't suffer from sea sickness on three separate boats (all getting scarily smaller as we grew closer to our destination) and far away from the typical crowded Fijian resorts that most holiday goers venture to.

The island has only one resort and with it's pool, cocktail bar, day spa, candle lit outdoor restaurant, and decked out bures, it makes for one lavish holiday...

In a volcanic part of Fiji, Tokoriki is surprisingly green and hilly and has a walk up to a fantastic viewing point from where you can view the sunrise. Mitch and I ventured up this hill early in the morning on our one year anniversary where we enjoyed a stunning view to see in our special day.

Fiji is without a doubt one of the most romantic destinations in the world, but I discovered that there is more to it then just watching the sunset (as amazing as they are) and lazing on a beach.

There are local schools to visit (we arrived during teeth washing time)...

Kava ceremonies to participate in...

Deserted islands to be dropped on, perfect for a day of exploring and snorkelling - ours happened to be overlooking the island from the film 'Castaway'...

And diverse reefs to explore - ever since my first scuba experience here, I've been keen to get my certification. Mitch and I have decided a number of times not to get each other Christmas presents but go on a scuba course instead but it still hasn't quite happened - one day we'll get there, one day...

Tokoriki Island is truly a luxurious destination where you are bound to be spoilt... I hope to go back there one day :-)

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