Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Czech getaway

A few weeks ago, Mitch and I decided to make the most of one of his work trips and spend a few days together in a country that's been on our travel list for awhile: Czech Republic. This was our first venture into 'Eastern' Europe and I'm keen to see more...

We took a few days off work and study before Mitch had to arrive in Brno for his workshops, which gave us plenty of time to explore Prague, which would have to be one of the most beautiful European cities I've seen yet. Although Paris (followed very closely by Amsterdam) will always remain my all time favourite, Prague had it's own unique charm.

It felt like every street you walk down has something interesting to look at

And the buildings are absolutely gorgeous, all so carefully decorated

Charles Bridge made for a pleasant walk over the river, although a little crowded (not that you can see it in this photo!)

And once you make it over the famous bridge and up the hill, you reach Prague Castle: an old gothic church (I think it's a church - not sure why everything refers to it as a castle?) where I sat myself down in front of it and stared for quite some time... Beautiful.

The astronomical clock was one of those 'uhhh, is that it??' moments. We walked past it a number of times (reminiscent of the time we couldn't find the casino in Monte Carlo) before realising this was it. The hundreds of people gathered to watch the bell ringing skeleton finally gave it away.

Once we'd had our fill of bread dumplings, goulash, sausages and very cheap beer, we took a train ride to a nearby town. I'd read about the Sedlec Ossuary in the small village of Kutna Hora in my Lonely Planet and we decided it sounded like it was a worthwhile day trip. The town itself was quite pleasant, but this eerie little church was definitely the main attraction. During the 1800's, a local got a little bit creative with the bones of thousands of people and this tiny church, quite unremarkable from the outside, is now a bit of a tourist destination. I think the photos speak for themselves: this was one creepy experience...


  1. Ah, the clock. My partner and I managed to be in the vicinity of it at least once per day during our trip there. The finale was always met with a very loud "Is that it?" in a very distinctive Australian accent *sigh*

    PS. It's a castle :) Well worth a day ticket if everything is open.

  2. Oh, I'm so glad it wasn't just me thinking that!!! I couldn't quite understand why people were clapping, cheering and whistling once it stopped ringing - I mean, it's only a clock... :-)

  3. Hey Lu,
    Thanks for sharing your photo's. Prague looks like an amazing place to visit, definitely on my itinerary for my next Europe trip.
    I saw most of your family at the Medieval festival on the weekend. It was nice to catch up with them. The festival was fantastic, very entertaining for the whole day.
    Have fun,


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