Friday, July 30, 2010

Feeling crafty again

As I mentioned recently, for the first couple of months here I was feeling really uninspired when it came to my crafty loves: knitting and sewing. I think this was in part due to the lack of fabric and craft stores in Nijmegen. There isn't a single fabric store here, despite it being a reasonable sized town (the population is about 160,000) and the only place to buy a very limited selection of approximately 10 different balls of wool is an art store in town.

I have recently discovered though that the weekly Monday markets in the town centre are almost solely for fabric. Although I knew that the Saturday markets had one or two fabric stalls, I was blown away by the amount of fabric available on a Monday, as well as ribbons, buttons and other crafty bits and pieces. And one of the best parts - it's cheap. Most fabrics are about 5-10 eur/metre (which, compared to the only fabric store I've been to in Den Bosch, this is extremely cheap) and there are a number of stalls with tables covered in scraps - by 'scraps' I mean odds and ends from rolls but are still a reasonable size. Last Monday I picked up 3 scraps for 5 eur, and they were all over a metre long each: bargain!

Sadly, I'm yet to discover where I can buy decent wool here. I've been getting it from Den Bosch but I'm really disappointed in the variety & price available - it's mostly all acrylic with nothing special that really stands out. I think it's time to investigate the options of online wool shopping...

Anyway, I'm pleased to say that I've slowly been getting back into creating things. While Mitch was away last month and I was procrastinating (it's amazing what you can get done when you have exams to study for), I managed to whip up a few bits and pieces from patterns I found online and through my latest sewing book.

My very first bag - I had visions of it being a shopping bag, but a few mistakes led me to unpicking half of it and then still sewing it up wrong (lets just say I'm not so fantastic at reading patterns) and so the handles aren't attached quite as strongly as they should be. Having made this during the world cup, the orange polka dots were my contribution to the orange fever that took over the country and it's a great holder for my wool.

A pincushion from some leftover fabric - not exactly exciting or challenging, but I needed one and the red thing is my ill fated 'CD holder' - it was my first time sewing with vliesoline and although I was surprised at how well it works, it still doesn't resemble the photo in the book. But this doesn't bother me, as it was intended as a holder for my cottons & bobbins and does the job quite well.

I've got a few more projects in the works (and in my head) at the moment - more to come...

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  1. l visiting nijemegen looking for farbic shops l wouldnt find any thanks for telling me where to find fabric . great blog


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