Friday, July 16, 2010

I love this city!

Amsterdam is one of my favourite cities and the perfect place to kick off summer holidays. Sarah and I had a lovely couple of days wandering around, and I'm already looking forward to another visit to this beautiful old city. There are so many things I love about Amsterdam...

The quiet little canals are definitely a favourite...

Random houseboats covered in flowers & pretty canal houses...

Taking a hop on, hop off canal cruise (this was a first for both of us, it was a different way to see Amsterdam and I really enjoyed it)

A visit to the Anne Frank huis is an absolute must in Amsterdam. I read the book so many times as a child but actually seeing it for yourself is an incredibly moving experience, it really gets you thinking about the severe persecution that so many people, not just those that hid in this secret annexe, experienced during WWII. It's a really worthwhile museum to visit, despite the massive lines. 

The 'floating' flower markets...

Staying on a houseboat (the long white one) - also a first. I have to say, it sure beats overpriced hotel rooms in the city centre and although our cabin was, well, teeny tiny, sitting in the main room eating breakfast and watching life in the harbour was a really lovely way to start the day.

Watching the road lift up and down was kinda cool...

Eating chips & mayo in a cone for lunch - one of my all time favourite things about Holland!!!

And the highlight of my short visit: FINALLY finding the giant yellow clog! The last time I was in Amsterdam (which was some time ago, in 2008) Mitch and I couldn't find this touristy beauty. Sarah and I came across it (outside a souvenir store on Dam square for anyone else who's as talented as I am for walking straight past tourist attractions without seeing a thing) after getting Mitch to google it for us from afar...


  1. I think everyone I know (probably myself included) has a photo in that yellow clog. Now you just need to buy the plush clog slippers to wear around the house.

  2. I think posing in the oversized clog is a rite of passage in Holland. The embarrassing thing is, I already own a pair of those trendy slippers - they're tucked away in a box in my parents attic back in Aus mind you... But they are ever so comfy :P


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