Monday, July 5, 2010

Le tour 2010

Mitch and I have both been avid watchers of the tour de france for the past few years. He's definitely more of  a fan then I am, but it's actually one sporting event that I do rather enjoy - I think it's probably something to do with my love for France and in particular, the pyrenees.

With the football and tennis taking up most of the news at the moment, we had both forgotten that it was getting close to le tour time of year. When on Friday I discovered that the great race was departing from Rotterdam on Sunday, we figured it seemed like the perfect opportunity to go watch a little snippet of the race in person for once!

We had decided to combine this with a visit to the beach at Ouddorp, where the tour was passing through later that day. 1 1/2 hrs into our drive and only 15mins from our destination, the roads were closed - not surprisingly. As there was only one road over to the 'island' from our direction, we decided we didn't have enough time to find another route and so parked our car in a nearby field and walked over to the N57, plonking ourselves on the side of the road amongst hundreds of others and waited in the toasty 30deg heat to get our glimpse of this years tour.

Something I had never really seen on tv before was the caravan; the looooong train of sponsor cars, floats and merchandise vans, throwing goodies out to the crowds. They came through about an hour before the cyclists and everyone got pretty excited thinking the bikes were coming - only to have to sit back down and continue sweating it out in the hot midday sun, waiting for the real thing.

Finally, 2 1/2 hrs after arriving and a bottle of sunscreen later, 8 helicopters in the sky indicated that the peloton was getting close. Soon after, lots of fit guys on speedy bikes whizzed past us!!! Firstly, some guys in oranje led the way, being cheered on by the Dutch crowds.

They were soon followed by LOTS more bikes (it seems like a lot more in person then seeing it on tv!) and many more bike carrying cars.

I love that they don't partition off the road and you feel like you are right in the midst of the cycling action - although while filming this video I felt like my toes were going to get run over!!!

Le tour de france 2010 - it was a bit of fun and I'm glad we went and got our own glimpse of this great sporting event!


  1. It's a very exciting event - one of the stages ended in my town in Switzerland last year. Lance Armstrong nearly knocked my camera out of my hands as he came around the corner!

  2. Hey Lu,
    What a great thing to do, sounds like a really good experience, something for the brag book!!


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