Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Some random things that made me smile :-)

My random happy thoughts of the week :-)

This made me laugh - our insurance company sent us this care package.

I haven't attempted to translate the card that came with it, but I'm gathering that it's something along the lines of a house warming package considering the bunting has huis feest plastered all over it. Containing enough confetti to cover our entire neighbourhood, some bunting, clackers (I don't know what they're really called so this is my term), cheese biscuits, those weird nut things, juice and tinned sausages (ugh ugh ugh although Mitch seemed surprisingly fond of the thought of meat in a can), the only thing missing was a packet of drop. Still have no idea why our insurance company felt compelled to send this out, but either way, it made me smile! I'm only wishing I kept a similar package our bank sent us in preparation of the football - orange bunting, orange streamers, orange balloons, orange flags - basically we got 2 big kits, one for the car and one for the house. Sadly, I threw it out (along with about 20 beesies that for some reason the checkout girl at Albert Heijn gave me in one big hit - I think she was likely disgusted at the lack of orange I was wearing) in a moment of orange-overload related despair...

Receiving some happy mail!!!! In this case, my Dutch language diploma!!!!

This ad on TV made me laugh every time. I've kinda gathered that the rivalry between Holland & Germany is much like Australia vs New Zealand...

My first book club (first read: The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold) get together last weekend: all I had visions of was 'The Jane Austen Book Club' (bad movie) but it was actually fantastic. First meeting of the group and none of us have either been in a book club before so we're all a bit new to it. Really lovely people and I'm looking forward to more! Oh - it's all in English, of course :-)

FINALLY discovering where Albert Heijn hides its cocoa powder. I've searched a number of supermarkets for it and generally always give up - turns out it lives in the coffee section. I was a bit excited about finding some, although disappointed in the fact that there were only two choices of cocoa (I always thought the Dutch were known for cocoa - my baking recipes always seem to call for high quality 'Dutch' cocoa) in the XL supermarket. Either way, I can now happily bake a chocolate pavlova and the packet is filling my pantry drawer with a lovely chocolatey smell, so I'm quite happy :-)

A big thunderstorm yesterday morning that has finally brought about a cool change. I never thought I'd be so happy to see an overcast sky and rain, but after weeks of nothing, I was hanging out for a nice rainy day... Bring on some chocolate, a cuppa and a movie I say - I'm on holidays!!!!

Knowing that our summer of visitors officially starts tomorrow makes me grin madly. I have to say, I am SO excited!!!!!! My best friend from the UK will be here off and on for the next month, then followed by three weeks with my Dad, a week with two of my sisters, brother in law, niece, two nephews, then a trip with the family to Greece (watch out Mamma Mia island, the Gerritsens are coming!!!), then (hopefully!!!!!!) two weeks with one of my nearest and dearest from Australia and (also hopefully!!!!) a visit to Oktoberfest... I can't wait!!!!!!!

Happy days :-)

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