Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wandering Wednesday - Connemara National Park, Ireland

Mitch and I took a short road trip through Ireland earlier this year, prior to moving to Holland. We both love hiking and so it's no surprise that my favourite part of this trip was our brief stop in the Connemara region.

We arrived in the region late one afternoon after making our way down from Northern Ireland, and spent the night in the lovely little town of Clifden. The town isn't particularly noteworthy in terms of photos opportunities (but in my opinion, I didn't really find any Irish towns particularly impressive - but the scenery made up for it) but I can highly recommend it a rest point for anyone wishing to explore the Connemara National Park. The town was quiet but had plenty of cosy Irish pubs and by far the best restaurant we dined at during our trip, "Mitchells" - yes, we chose it for the name!

After a hearty Irish breakfast at our B&B where I was introduced to 'black' and 'white' pudding (I'll always try something at least once, but can't say I went back for seconds on this one), we donned our hiking boots and set off to the national park.

Although I was initially a little disappointed in the lack of diversity in the hiking trails, the views at the summit of Diamond Peak soon made up for my earlier feelings.

Although there were quite steep and rocky sections towards the end, it wasn't a particularly difficult hike and it's well worth the extra effort to keep going past the first view point and up to the summit. The views were impressive and both Mitch and I felt like we were back in New Zealand; it's very similar scenery. And also much like it's Kiwi counterpart, Connemara National Park is absolutely full of sheep, everywhere you look...


  1. Hi Lu,
    Lovely photo's yet again!!! My travel list keeps getting longer, and it looks like another place has been added.
    Five and a half weeks til I go to Europe, I can't wait!!!
    Have a great time with all your visitors,

  2. Thanks Selina! Wow, 5 1/2 weeks, I bet that has come around quickly - how exciting! :-)


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