Sunday, August 8, 2010

Beaches, pottery, palaces & giant schnitzels - some adventures over the last week

After a short break back in the UK, my friend Sarah arrived back in Holland on Monday and her I spent the rest of the week testing our H&M (and Zara!) homing beacon skills... and seeing some of Holland too, of course. We headed straight to the beach on Monday, despite the overcast weather and prediction for rain. After weeks of incredibly hot weather, we're now back to typically rainy days - and jeans and light jumpers. In fact, we're experiencing basically the same temperatures here at the moment (in summer) that Brisbane is experiencing (in winter). It really does feel like summer is starting to come to an end - the sun is setting earlier (it's now well and truly dark by 10.00pm) and temperatures are slowly dropping. I'm really hanging out for our upcoming beach holiday in Greece, but I'm also starting to get excited about winter - the thought of shopping for coats and boots is kinda exciting.. But back to the beach - this was my first visit to the Dutch seaside resort of Scheveningen and I have to say, it exceeded my expectations.

I'd heard that Scheveningen is the Dutch version of Brighton in the UK which was basically what prompted me to choose this for our beach trip on Monday. I was expecting a small, overcrowded, touristy beach but although it did have some of these features (touristy), the beach was surprisingly pretty. And I was rather excited to dip my toes in a new sea - the not too chilly North Sea.

Honestly, nothing will ever compare to Aussie beaches for me - there really is nothing else like them in the world. But the beach at Scheveningen on a quiet day appeared to stretch for miles, and didn't feel at all like it was a 'city' beach - it's very close to the city of Den Haag. The beach is split into two by the pier, one side is more rustic with its grassy dunes, while the other side is what I'd consider touristy - there is shopping, restaurants, lots of little cafes lining the beach and even a spot for some bungy jumping at the end of the pier.

The pretty little town of Delft was also on our list for the week. This was my third visit to the home of the famed Delft pottery and I've always found that it's a really lovely town to just wander around - the canals and buildings are gorgeous. The porcelain light posts, big pottery chair and another giant yellow clog were also a hit!!!!

A visit to the Netherlands wouldn't be complete without seeing Palace Het Loo - the residence of the Dutch royal family until 1962. It's now a state museum and I only had really quite vague memories of it from our trip there in 2008 so it was really good to spend some time wandering the house and gardens again.

Het Loo is located only a few hundred metres from the house my Dad lived in and I'm really looking forward to some visits to Apeldoorn with the family in the next few weeks.

Considering we live so ridiculously close to Germany, we naturally had to go take a leisurely pub lunch in a nearby German village. We discovered this small, popular place in Kranenburg during Sarah's last visit here and I'm already dreaming about going back for more yummy, cheap, giant schnitzel - mmmmm lekker.

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  1. schnitzel looks awesome! we enjoyed het loo as well. martine said she got to 'see' you on skype the other day! say g'day to mitch for me.


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