Thursday, August 5, 2010

Deventer boekenmarkt

Anyone who knows me well, knows how much I LOVE to read! My Mum taught me to read at a very early age so I've always had a great love for this relaxing pastime. Back in my school days I even used to set my alarm extra early in the morning to fit in a short novel before hopping on the school bus. Yep - I'm a speed reader too and generally knock a book over in a couple of hours, which is actually not a good thing as it means I need to take a separate bag just for books when going on a beach holiday!

Considering my love for reading, I was pretty excited when I found out that Europe's largest second hand book market takes place in the Netherlands every August. Last Sunday, it was that time of year again and so Mitch and I headed off to Deventer bright and early in the morning, armed with a few empty bags to search through the hundreds of stalls.

Being in Holland, most of the books were in Dutch (as expected). I kept seeing authors I read regularly but everything was translated, none were in English. I was struggling to find any of the great English stalls that I'd heard about and so ended up buying a book about the book market to find out where the treasure troves of books I could understand were hiding. After admiring all the many antique books this market was offering (beautiful, beautiful old books - it was a collectors heaven), we finally found some English stalls and I fought my way through my fellow foreigners (the 'engels' sections were rather popular) to buy some bargains. I came home with a total of 17 books, not quite as many as I was dreaming about, but still not a bad find.

I've already gotten through a couple of them and I have to say, there's nothing quite like having a nice big pile of second hand books to work my way through. I love new books too, but there's always something special about reading through those good old dog eared books and seeing where other people have underlined sections, written their names in the front, or my personal favourite - books that were obviously a gift and reading the Happy Birthday / Merry Christmas message in the front cover...

Time to switch off the computer and get back to some reading I think...

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