Monday, August 23, 2010

Wandelen in Hoog Buurlo

Last week, Dad and I spent the morning (prior to the foul herring episode) wandering around the Hoog Buurloo forest. The main reason we came here was because Dad had memories of fietsen through this forest to an old schaapskooi - sheep shed.

We were walking down this path, through the beautiful huge old trees and came across a young shepherd (employed by the bosbeheer) and his sheepdog. We got to talking in half Dutch/half English and he was really friendly and chatted away for ages, even giving Dad a bosbeheer plaque (which thankfully meant I no longer had to look away as Dad tried to detach them from signposts along the road).

The old schaapskooi that Dad remembered as a kid had since been torn down and replaced with this hay shed and the shepherds little shed/office area. The whole area is open to the public and the shepherd is there to not only tend to the sheep, but answer people's questions and show them around a little.

The oldest schaapskooi in the Hoog Buurlo was this one from the 1960's. According to Dad, it looks just like the one he saw as a kid. It was such a pretty area, I'd love to go back with my fiets and go for a bit of a bike ride through the forest!

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