Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wandering Wednesday - Hobart, Australia

My first trip to the capital of the little Australian island state of Tasmania was in June last year. We decided to take a road trip with two of our best friends and although people told us we were mad for travelling Tasmania during winter, I still thought it was a really nice time of year to visit. Although I had been to Tasmania before, this was my first time in Hobart and I was pleasantly surprised at what a pretty, liveable city it is.

Hobart is a great city for aimlessly wandering around - we spent a chilly afternoon exploring the harbour and city centre before making our way over to Battery Point to check out all the old colonial cottages.

After waking up to a rainy, overcast day we went shopping for some gumboots to keep our toes dry and spent the morning exploring the Salamanca markets. The markets are held in the city centre every Saturday morning on Salamanca Place and it's well worth timing a trip to Hobart with a visit to the markets. The highlight for me was the awesome fudge stalls where you can test taste before buying... We came home with a bag full of fudge, it was absolutely delicious.

Despite the miserable weather, we decided to take a drive up to Mt Wellington which overlooks the city. As we made our way up the mountain, the fog set in and by the time we reached the top, we could only see a few metres in front of ourselves. We rugged up and hopped out of the car in the hope that it might be snowing at the lookout... No such luck unfortunately, just a whole lot of icy fog!!!

There are many day trips into the Tassie countryside from Hobart (lets face it - it's a pretty tiny island), we chose to head south for the day and found ourselves in line for the car ferry to Bruny Island. Part of our motivation to visit Bruny was the appealing thought of the fresh country produce that this island is known for. Sadly, our expectations of feasting on fresh oysters were dashed when the oyster farm was closed, but the Bruny Island Cheese Company well and truly sated our appetites. We tasted their variety of cheeses and bought some for the ride home. Tummies full of creamy brie, we spent the rest of the afternoon driving around the island, stopping at a penguin lookout in the hope of seeing one of these little black and white creatures. Bruny was quite a wild and rugged island and I'd love to have more time to explore it in depth.

Despite my visit to Hobart being very brief (I think we were there for only 2 days?), I felt like we still were able to see the highlights of the city & surrounding area. I'd love to go back again - at least I know I'll always have an excuse to visit this pretty little state to visit Mitch's relatives and I'm already looking forward to our next trip... Perhaps in Summer next time!


  1. The Hobart is a beautiful place in Australia and famous for plenty of attractions and activities for visitors.
    The beaches are so clean and appealing to see ad visit.The Salamanca markets and Bruny island are wonderful places to explore.

  2. "tiny island"? And it's almost twice the size of Switzerland! hehe :P

  3. Oh lol, hearing that kinda puts it in perspective huh! Lindt land sounds teeny tiny now - much like Flatland here, although with time it seems to get bigger in my head - must be the Dutch view of distances rubbing off on me. We drove 2hrs home last night from the top of the country down here and it felt like we drove Brisbane-Sydney :P


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