Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wandering Wednesday - Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg was a destination in our 2008 Eurotrip Mitch and I took in between life in France and moving back to Australia. It honestly wasn't my first pick of cities in Austria - I would have preferred to go to Vienna, but we were coming from Venice and heading for Munich so it was the most logical stop. Salzburg was smaller then I expected, but just as pretty. We arrived after a snowfall and the city was white and wintery - it certainly didn't feel like spring.

For many people, one of the key reasons for a visit to Salzburg is to walk in the footsteps of The Sound of Music. I've seen this movie too many times (and I'm still not a huge fan - it's ok mind you) but Mitch never had until a couple of months before our trip - I forced him to watch it with me, figured it was a must before visiting Salzburg. There are all sorts of tours you can do inspired by filming locations, but being more independent travellers, we chose to just wander the city and discover it for ourselves.

This basically consisted of our usual walking around with a camera and map in hand (or, giant pretzel in my case) and taking random guesses at what was from the movie - usually indicated by a number of tourists posing in front of it. These were a couple of our guesses at filming locations:

The fountain??? I think they all jump and dance and sing on it????

Mirabell Gardens - can't remember why we thought something happened here, but I'm almost sure it was in the film

One of the highlights of Salzburg for me was the impressive Hohensalzburg Castle, which sits high on a hill overlooking the old town. We made our way up to the castle the hard way - walking, but it was definitely worthwhile. The views from the top of the city itself and the surrounding Alps were lovely, and really gave perspective on what a beautiful part of Europe this city is located in.

From memory, the interior of the castle wasn't particularly impressive - I've forgotten most of our visit to the Fortress Museum, except for the Marionette section. These puppets really creep me out...

Salzburg was a perfect stop between Italy and Germany, although I think it's one of those cities where one visit in your lifetime is enough. I thoroughly enjoyed our quick stop here, but next time - I'm headed to Vienna. Hopefully they'll have more of those giant pretzels - yummm.....

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