Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wandering Wednesday - Sorrento, Italy

The picture perfect town of Sorrento on the Italian Amalfi coast was a much needed, relaxing stop half way through our travels in Italy a few years ago. I imagine that during the height of a European summer, it would be fairly touristy but seeing as we arrived prior to high season, it was a quiet little seaside town. We based ourselves in Sorrento while spending a few days exploring the rest of the Amalfi coast (which I can't even begin to provide justice to in just one blog post!) but also set aside some time to leisurely wander around the streets. We stayed in a lovely B&B 'Casa Chiaro di Luna' located in the town centre where we were made to feel at home by the owners. It wasn't the fanciest place we've ever stayed in, but really quite clean, spacious and a nice atmosphere compared to all the other Italian hotels we experienced!

Mitch and I both do love our food (me especially!) so it's no surprise that we spent a lot of our time relaxing with a glass of chianti and some tiramisu in one of Sorrentos many restaurants and cafes. Limoncello is a popular drink from this area and naturally, we decided to give this a go. We ordered shot glass sized portions of this lemony yellow liqueur but were served champagne glasses for some unknown reason - an experience I never wish to repeat. I managed a few sips of this thick, strong liquid that resembled melted Strepsils before feeling too ill to continue: it was revolting. One of my favourite memories of our time here was the gelato shops - although it was March and still quite chilly, we made sure we sampled some tasty Italian ice cream at least once per day!

Although the town itself was quite pretty, my favourite thing about Sorrento was the scenery. The views from some of the cliffside parks were spectacular, especially at sunset. On a clear day, we could even see all the way to Naples.

Our visit to Sorrento was really refreshing and if I was heading back to the Amalfi coast, I'd definitely stay there again. Next time we head to the Italian coast however, I'm determined to make it to the Cinque Terre... One day, one day....


  1. Ooh people have recommended Cinque Terre to me, too - not that far away from here... :)

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