Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hosios Loukas

After wandering the ruins at the nameless seaside town in my last post, we headed off to the UNESCO World Heritage listed monastery of Hosios Loukas, thanks to a tip in the faithful guidebook.

Once we made our way up the steps to the entrance, I could instantly see why it was this location in particular that was chosen for the monastery. Founded by a hermit in the 10th century, Hosios Loukas is still relatively untouched and distanced from modern Greece. It's mountainside location was peaceful and calm and although it sounds clichéd, the only noise was the sound of the wind whooshing through the trees.

I hadn't realised we were stopping at a monastery when I got dressed that morning so unfortunately, my shorts were 'too short' to allow entry. Thankfully, someone on site gave me a skirt to wear so I too could wander around this beautiful example of Byzantine art.

In retrospect, although the clifftop monasteries of Meteora were more spectacular (more to come on that), Hosios Loukas was still an impressive place to visit. Considering its age, it really was in remarkable condition and it's fine architecture allowed itself plenty of photo opportunities for my camera happy husband...

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