Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The hunt for the oracle cave

In Greek mythology, the mountainside ruins of Delphi are renowned for being the home of the Delphic oracle. Considered the most important oracle, this mysterious lady was rumoured to have lived in a cave above the many treasuries, temples and theatres on this scenic site. Now fascinating ruins, Delphi is a key archaeological site in Greece and one at which we spent a rather toasty morning wandering around in the warm September sun in search of the famed cave (and it's supposed toxic gas emitting entrance)...

We left the hefty guidebook in the car thinking our entrance ticket would provide us with some form of map or explanation of the site - no such luck unfortunately. Despite this, there were limited signs of what each lump of marble was and it was still really interesting to wander around (and read the explanation afterwards while everything was still fresh in our minds!). We were in desperate need of our brother-in-law back in Australia who, strangely enough, can read ancient Greek. Nearly every inch of stone was covered in inscriptions - I'm really curious to know what they said - prophesies perhaps? An inventory of the treasures stored within? Names of slaves? We'll never know... But we had fun making it up anyway!

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  1. You captured well the ruines on your photos. I adore the Antique world around the Mediterranean area. Pretty tough times, though...


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