Thursday, September 23, 2010

Random Αθήνα

When it's written in the proper Greek form, Athens (Αθήνα) looks rather pretty - sadly, this didn't at all reflect the city for me. I had been warned by a couple of friends that Athens is a bit of a dump and although I wasn't expecting anything glamorous, I was still a little bit shocked as to how revolting the city is - it's such a shame that it's in this state. Granted, our hotel was in a rather unsavoury neighbourhood despite being a 5min walk from Monastiraki - people shooting up on the street, the smell of urine everywhere, much rubbish to be dodged, Greek mafia (no, seriously - we were warned by restaurant staff) etc. But even so, the rest of souvenir shop infested Athens didn't impress me - with the exception of all the ancient stuff. Being the birthplace of democracy and so many other things, ancient Athens truly is a fascinating city - and so this made up for the otherwise general foulness of the place. While we were waiting for the family to arrive, Mitch and I spent the day wandering around the city, taking photos (of the pleasant stuff!) and escaping the heat with constant rest breaks in cafes....

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