Sunday, September 26, 2010

A surprise awaits...

After 2 days in crazy Athens, we picking up our hire van and made our way out of the crazy city into the mountains. Headed for Delphi, we stopped at a couple of places along the way, including this little seaside resort town (the name of which I quickly forgot - Greek isn't the easiest one to remember!) and the old ruins overlooking the village.

After making the short but steep stumble up onto the tower grounds (and realizing we had gone the wrong way), my sister Kim and I made our way down to this little church.

The exterior of this 4th century church wasn't impressive, but once you stepped inside the narrow old door, it's beauty certainly was surprising...

Kim and I were peeking in from the outside when she noticed a candle flickering indoors. The door was shut, but we unlocked it and stepped inside. Heavy with the scent of burning candles, the first room was quite sparse. It was evident that a faithful local had been up there earlier that morning by the burning tapered candles on a sand stand - typical of most European churches. We then stepped into the back room of this little old church and were blown away...

Completely unlike the entry, this tiny room of worship was clearly much loved and well used. The walls and ceiling were beautifully painted, a work of art that was blackened with the smoke of the countless candles burned over centuries gone. Being dark and lit only by candlelight, it was near impossible to get any photos that did this special room the justice it deserves. But, it will always remain in my memories - and I'll never forget my nephew Will's interpretation of one of the paintings... "Look, there's God's Mum, flying through the sky" :-)

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