Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Trash or treasure???

I have thoroughly enjoyed spending some time with some of my nieces & nephews these past few weeks. I do love living overseas and the opportunities it allows, but I also hate being away from our families. I thought I'd share a little something that I thought was a bit special - I love how it doesn't have to take expensive things to keep the little ones happy...

My 9 year old nephew Lochie (on the left - I asked both the kids to 'look bored' for this photo, but it didn't quite work how we had expected, but still...) bought a watch for 1 euro at a rommelmarkt here in Holland a few weeks ago. He loves this watch - it tells the time in different countries of which he happily informed us from the backseat of the time in Tokyo, or New York etc. (it also had a rather annoying sensor alarm, set off by swinging your arm - thankfully my brother-in-law disabled it, otherwise the poor watch was going to meet an unfortunate fate in the middle of the night at the hands of Aunty Lu.... :P ).

We were on the first day of our Greece road trip and all hopping out of the car at a monastery when Lochie pipes up with "Dada, can you please make sure the car is locked because I'm leaving my watch in it".... My sister and I burst out laughing (poor Lochie!) but it really was hysterical - between Kim & Mitch we've got an awful lot of Canon equipment sitting around, but Lochie was concerned someone might nick his watch! Needless to say, we made sure the watch was safely locked in the car before heading off for some exploring.

A week or so later and we're doing some late night shopping in Santorini. Kim and I are looking at some funky Greek plastic watches and as we walk out of the store, we hear Lochie exclaim - "Why would you want to pay 15 euros for a watch when you can get a good one for 1 euro???"

I thought this was really funny, not to mention sweet, then I find out that over the holiday, he has been locking the watch up in the hotel safe whenever we go out and he's not wearing it.... :-)

This really put a smile on my face - I love how the expense of the item doesn't matter to little kids; one persons trash is another persons treasure :-)

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