Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wandering Wednesday - Delft, The Netherlands

Delft, The Netherlands - despite the fact that I still feel like I've hardly seen any of Holland, I've now been to the home of the renowned Delft pottery three times - and I have to say, I'd quite happily hop in the car and go back again. Like so many other cities in this tiny country, Delft isn't a huge town but with its canals, churches and blue & white pottery, it would have to be one of my favourites so far.

My visit first here was back in early 2008 when Mitch and I were travelling throughout Holland. We caught the train from Amsterdam and really only came here to visit the Delftse Pauw factory to buy our own piece of blue & white pottery. Being the real deal and not souvenir rip-offs, it comes with a pretty price tag but we came home with a lovely little tile which I have to say, was a winner in more ways then one. It fell off our wall at home not once, but twice, smashing into the sink and both times, it came out with only minor scratches - I was impressed, not to mention relieved!

Delft was also the first place I saw a modern drawbridge - it might not seem exciting to some, but for some reason, I love things like this! I've now seen a whole lot more (some whoppers actually!) but I always still find myself fascinated as they go up and down. The next thing I want to see is a canal lock - yes, I've seen them in Amsterdam but I want to see one of the big ones where they drain or fill it as a barge is coming in/out.

Having a tour of a town with a local is always a big advantage. Earlier this year, we met up with a friend from Australia and his lovely Dutch wife here, in her hometown. They gave us a great tour of the sights of which I'm pleased to say I managed to remember enough of to show a friend around a few months later! One of the things I love about Delft is how little bits of blue & white just pop up randomly... Such as a lamp post, or this gorgeous ceramic chair.

Loving my tacky tourist shots, I also love the giant yellow clog on the town square - finding this was the highlight of my last visit to Delft!!!!


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  2. Thanks Anita! I was pleased to discover your blog through the interview on A Touch of Dutch today - looking forward to reading some more!

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    What a beautiful blog do you have!
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