Monday, September 20, 2010

Where did the summer go???

So I'm curious - where did the summer go??? It feels like only yesterday I was dusting off my bikini and now I'm back to coats and boots already.... Looking back, I can see why I'm currently feeling so shattered - it's been a hectic few months but I've thoroughly enjoyed every minute of our first European summer (probably why it's gone by so quickly!).We kicked off the summer season with a week in Sardinia, followed by a mini break in Prague, a few weeks out of the country working for Mitch while I finished my Dutch course, then the much anticipated arrival of our visitors - and plenty of tripping around the Dutch countryside.

I've been blogger MIA for the last couple of weeks thanks to a fantastic end of summer holiday - Mamma Mia'ing it up in Greece with two of my sisters, brother-in-law, niece and nephews! Mitch and I have been planning to go to Greece for 6 years but the timing has never worked out - since we first picked up a Greek island travel brochure all those years ago, we've instead travelled to, maybe 20 (?) different countries.

Although we took our time in getting to Greece, it was well worth the wait - once we've sorted through the 3412 (!!!!) photos Mitch managed to snap away while we breathed through our mouths in stinky Athens, explored ruins and monasteries on mainland Greece, mopped our way through a mini hurricane on Skopelos and galloped (well, kinda) up a hill on speedy donkeys in Santorini, there will be stories and photos to come...

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  1. Hi there Lu! Love the photo and glad your back in the blogging world!! I hope your settling back into the slower pace now that the travellers have gone. I look forward to your next installment!

    Love Martine


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