Thursday, October 14, 2010

Back to Belgium

As I've said before, the weather here can be pretty miserable. I used to let this bother me but I've recently decided it's time to toughen up and just suck it up like the locals do (after the realisation sunk in that it rains here most of the time) - so, on a rainy overcast day a couple of weeks ago, we packed our umbrellas, donned our raincoats and headed off to Gent, Belgium for the day.

I'd heard that Gent is much like Bruges, but I have to say - Gent didn't impress me nearly as much as Bruges. I think the weather may have had something to do with it but still, it was a pleasant Belgian town to spend the day wandering around and eating wafels.

Our day was topped off perfectly by a visit to my old friend - Carrefour - and some squirrel spotting... :-)

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