Friday, October 1, 2010

Mamma Mia!

I honestly couldn't tell you how many times I've watched that movie...  It's embarrassing. But what can I say, I love Mamma Mia - it's definitely my 'happy place' movie. If I'm having a bad day, just sitting down and watching 5 minutes of the snorkel dance is a sure way to improve the rest of the day. I saw the theatre production in London earlier this year and while that too was absolutely fantastic (and so, so lovely not having to listen to Pierce Brosnan attempt to sing), I'm a die hard fan of the movie - not unlike my sisters and niece & nephews (believe me, the kids love it almost more then me - we watched it a total of 3 times in what, 2 days??? - while escaping the rainy hurricanish weather on Skopelos).

So it's no surprise that the filming location of our favourite musical had something to do with our choice of Greek island in the Sporades. After spending 4 days on Skopelos, I can see why Mamma Mia was filmed here - it truly is a beautiful spot, despite the miserable weather we were unlucky enough to encounter! I had marked on a map of the island all the various filming spots so while we were out exploring, I could randomly point out each song. This wasn't quite as easy as it sounds, but the location of the wedding, that stunning clifftop chapel (better known as Agios Ioannis) was impossible to miss. It was a rough old day but we topped off our afternoon by making our way up the steep stairs to the top (all the while deciding that Meryl definitely had a stair running body double), enjoying the views and all the while blasting The Winner Takes It All from my phone...

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