Thursday, October 28, 2010

Museum hopping - Openluchtmuseum Arnhem

Over the last Summer, I went to quite a few museums all over the Netherlands (making very good use of my Museumkaart!) - from maritime museums in North Holland, to the well known (but for me, extremely disappointing) Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and the fantastic Verzetsmuseum & National Liberation Museum just to name a few - I think I lost count after 10 museums in little over a month...

One 'museum' that stood out among the rest is quite close to home, in neighbouring Arnhem. Literally an open air museum, the Openluchtmuseum was great - well thought out and really interesting. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in seeing the different types of farms, houses and windmills from all over the Netherlands. Dad and I happily spent a morning wandering around the museum grounds checking out all the traditional buildings, talking to the museum staff (who are dressed in traditional outfits and hard at work - eg peeling potatoes in an old kitchen or fixing boats) and enjoying the sunshine. Although I'm in no hurry to go back just yet, I have plans to go back again with Mitch (and the mighty camera!) - it sure beats the typically stuffy, indoor museum and I really enjoyed my last visit.

It wouldn't be a Dutch open air museum without some windmills - and there were plenty!!!

It's quite interesting seeing how a windmill actually works - I think this was a grain mill (?) but they also had timber mills at the museum

Typical houses

I see these hay sheds (with an adjustable roof) all over Holland so it's no surprise they had one here!

Dairy cellar

The fishing village section

A highlight for me - all the animals everywhere! I'm a sucker for cute sheep, bunnies, anything really - I thought this goat was pretty cool!

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