Thursday, October 14, 2010

Treasure hunting

Some second hand treasures discovered recently...

I found this old sewing box at an antique store. It was smelly and had ugly fabric on top so I cleaned and re-covered it and voila - a new sewing basket! It came with a few goodies inside too which were fun to sort through.

Apparently Grandma Gerritsen had this exact same Pickwicks tea tin. I found it at a tweedehands winkel in Utrecht and fell in love with it instantly (horses!)

This is by far my most special treasure I've discovered - a huguenot cross (Maltese cross & dove of peace) at an antique store in Utrecht. I have been wanting one of these for YEARS and even looked into getting one made in Brisbane - except no jeweler even knew what it was. My Mum has one which I admired growing up (sent to her as a gift from a Dutch relative) and my eldest sister was left my Dutch Grandmothers necklace. This was a really special find and one I'll always treasure.

Yes, I do have a slight Miffy obsession! Planning to do something with these cards, but not sure what just yet. Perhaps I'll just keep using them as templates.

More cards - these ones are in Dutch with beautiful illustrations. I couldn't pass them up for the sake of 1 euro, still not sure what to do with them yet!

Delft coasters found at a rommelmarkt but I plan on hanging them on the wall. Eventually.

Vintage Christmas decorations. I already have one of these in Australia which I love so was very pleased to pick up an entire set at an antique store! I can't wait til Christmas time :-)

It's kinda ugly but I couldn't pass him up - teddy bear cake anyone???

I also couldn't pass up this old book of fairytales - it's a Dutch version of one I read as a child (my sisters book). I really love the beautiful illustrations and hope to improve my Dutch by reading it!
I wonder what treasures I'll find at the next rommelmarkt visit...


  1. Thanks Tia :-) I think the Gerritsen op-shop gene has possibly kicked in after all these years :P xo


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