Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy days :-)

When I woke up this morning, I really didn't think today was going to put such a smile on my face. It was dark and gloomy and well below zero when I said goodbye to Mitch as he rugged up (in so many layers it appears I'm married to a marshmallow - yes, it's cold!!!!) as he trudged off to the gym. After a few hours of procrastinating, enjoying the heaters and not wanting to go out to do the groceries, I discovered it only takes a few small things to turn a bitterly cold day (think -2deg at lunchtime with no sun in sight) into a day full of.... awesomeness :-)

At around 10am I noticed a few flakes flying past the dining room window... It wasn't quite enough to get me too hopeful but within a couple of hours, the flakes were steadily coming down and lightly dusting the outside world in a slight layer of white. Now, I love snow - and coming from Queensland, it doesn't take much snow at all to get me excited. These steadily appearing flakes were all it took to get me rugged up marshmallow style and riding my bike to the shops. By the time I reached the supermarket, I was covered in a layer of white - which on my black jacket, really just looked like an all over layer of dandruff - gross I know....

I walk into the supermarket and the first thing I saw was this:

I don't really know what it is but I'm assuming it's somehow Sinterklaas related as tradition has it that Dutch kids put their shoes out to be filled with sweets. It was really sweet seeing all these little shoes lined up in the supermarket, eagerly awaiting the culmination of Sinterklaas this coming Sunday, 5 December.

I was whipping around the supermarket in record time (wanting to get back into the freezing cold for once - it's amazing how snow makes you want to freeze) when I came across this:

Oh my goodness me, my mind was blown yet again. Like the Speculaas Stroopwafel, two of my favourite things have come together again - but this time, in loaf form. The outside was a speculaas biscuit (crunchy exterior, very moist interior) and was filled with marzipan. Oh how I love this country's sweetie treats! This one could be a new favourite - it almost puts the stroopwafel to shame...

After riding back home eating snowflakes, I cracked open the latest sweetie treat and settled in for a quiet afternoon. Since I started typing this post, the snow has started up again and gotten much heavier - the flakes are huge and flying through the air quickly.

It's starting to settle and I have to say, I'm just SO excited - I feel like a kid at Christmas. It's pretty darn awesome sitting in your home, sipping hot Milo and watching it snow out the window... And since I've taken these videos, the snow has gotten heavier and heavier - it's turning into a white world out there... Another hour of this and I reckon I could nearly build a miniature snowman!!!!

It's amazing how a little bit of snow makes the cold worthwhile... I love it!!!!!


  1. Hey Lu,
    Your snow looks soooo pretty!! You'll have to make a snowman for all of us back here in sunny Queensland.
    Have you been doing much to get ready for Christmas? I have done a little Christmas shopping, but I feel like I need to do some Christmas cooking and listen to some Christmas Carol's to get in the Christmas mood.
    I hope you have a lovely day,

  2. Hey Selina! It's so pretty out there - I woke up this morning to a (cold) world of white :-) I built a snowman on the balcony yesterday arv - he was a bit funny looking, but I had fun doing it!!! I'm slowly getting ready for Christmas - I bought some decorations and planned our trip but that's about it. I want to do some baking soon, probably just before our friends from Aus arrive. We have plans to go to some Christmas markets soon to really get in the spirit - I've started the Christmas carols already though. I'm loving it but just can't believe it's that time of year already! Hope you're doing well
    Luv Lu


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