Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I don't think I could ever tire of this...

I love the snow :-) Like, I really, really, really love the snow - I'm not a huge fan of skiing although I do enjoy it (I find it fun but bore easily, I'm just not really 'into it' and the whole challenge like Mitch is - I think having been trapped under a few chair lifts in my time has tainted the experience ever so slightly for me) but I just LOVE playing in the snow. While in Switzerland last week, we took off on mini road trip before coming home to Flatland and while making our way up through the mountains, spotted a large field of untouched snow - just begging to be played in... Despite our lack of snow gear (no proper gloves, no waterproof clothes) the four of us had fun with a few snowball fights, building a rather voluptuous snowlady, knocking our snowlady down, making snow angels (for some reason I thought it wouldn't be so bad laying down in the wet snow in my jeans - I was wrong...), having snow shoved down my pants (thanks, sweetie - I'm getting my revenge at Christmas) and just reveling in the delights of snow play - topped off perfectly with a quick dip in the 'tub'...

Is it possible to ever get sick of the snow??? Right now, my answer is a big fat NO! The boys certainly didn't tire easily of snowball fighting - this is just a little snippet of the never ending snowball fight - we'd hear something along the lines of oh, I'm stuffed only to be followed by another round of perfectly sculpted snowballs flying through the air.... Snow is still such a novelty - lets see if we are still in love with it come the end of winter though...

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  1. That looks like heaps of fun Lu!!
    When there's snow the cold doesn't seem so bad.
    All the best,


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