Thursday, November 18, 2010

I know it's early, but...

I've been avoiding saying the c-word on here for some time but I am just looking forward to the holiday season too much to avoid it for any longer - Christmas is in the air. I suppose seeing as the tinsel infested season kicked off here in Holland last Saturday with the arrival of Sinterklaas (a long standing Dutch tradition that I was severely disappointed to miss out on, having discovered he was arriving on November 13 only a couple of days in advance, while out of the country!!!), I'm not getting in toooo early, am I???

Although spending last Saturday playing in the snow in the Swiss Alps was probably a whole lot more fun then being mushed in a crowd of small children (although, lets face it - this is the land of unusually tall people so I probably would have been of equal height with most of the kiddies) waiting for Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet to arrive by barge and parade around town throwing pepernoten about, I was rather looking forward to it - but there's always next year.

I've been able to deal with my disappointment though by enjoying some of the tasty treats that this time of year has to offer. With the shops filled with varieties of marzipan, pepernoten, speculaas, chocolate letters (apparently used as a place setting in each persons initital for the family feast on 5 December - Sinterklaasavond), and basically anything else involving almond flavours, I'm in sweety treat heaven. Yesterday though, my mind was blown when I discovered an all new treat on the shelves at Albert Heijn: the speculaas stroopwafel. Anyone who has visited us knows about my ill fated obsession with the stroopwafel. Yes, I have gained an extra chin or two and my waistline is suffering severely but I just can't resist these caramel wafers - and man, they are worth no longer being able to fit into my favourite skinny jeans... When I spotted this new breed of stroopwafel yesterday, I almost dropped to the supermarket floor in a speculoos-stroopwafel induced fit of joy.

Finally, my two of my favourite Dutch treats meet at last. I love how Christmas just brings things together, don't you???


  1. hey Lu!! Your not getting in too early with Christmas! Sad you missed Santa arriving :)) I'm sure he will find your chalet on Christmas Eve though! We set up the Christmas tree today and I have been baking! I made two Christmas cakes, Nigella Lawson pistachio chocolate fudge, apricot and chocolate balls!! Noah was in raptures decorating the house today and spent pretty much all day decorating with Dan and I :))
    I hope your well and look forward to catching up with you soon,

    Love lots, Martine

  2. Hehe yes I was rather sad about missing out but I'm determined to put my shoes out on the night of 5th December in Sinterklaas tradition hoping that Mitch will fill them with treats for me :-) Sounds like you have been baking up a storm (can I have that Nigella recipe please!?!?!), I can't believe it's nearly Christmas time already - make sure you take some photos of your decorating. Talk to you soon Tia xoxo


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