Monday, November 1, 2010

I've been busy...

I've been a bit craft crazy this past month - whipping up various little projects here and there. Here they are :-)

'Pointy kitty' - free pattern found here

My first attempt at making up my own Softie pattern - a simple 2D chickie. I'm imagining a whole family of these in colourful fabrics!!!

My second attempt at making up my own pattern - very simple owl.

Ok, so I don't usually cross stitch but I couldn't pass up this Miffy kit in the craft store.... Now I truly feel like a Nanna!!!!

A wall hanging for a dear friends baby girl.

Excuse the dodgy me-taking-a-photo-of-myself-in-the-mirror, this is obviously just a scarf I whipped up - essential for this chilly weather!

A little bit of Miffy applique brightened up some simple H&M tees for two of our nieces birthdays.

My little happy Babushka vs Tiff's depressed Babushka brooch - this is what happens when you let 2 housewives loose with a sewing  kit.

Another brooch - saw this picture online and loved it, so this is my attempt. That's meant to be a squirrel on the string...

This one truly is a work in progress (please ignore the dodgy cutting, I can't cut straight to save my life!) - I need to buy some wadding to make it into a kiddie quilt/wallhanging thing. This was the result of an urge to applique one afternoon, now I'm keen to make a larger quilt for our couch - obviously minus the insects...

And of course, a covered sketchbook (I was nearly crying cutting up that vintage fabric though, it's one of my favs) to draw out my patterns & ideas... There are many more in the works!!! 

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