Monday, November 1, 2010

Luxembourg - we made it!!!

After our ill fated trip to Luxembourg many months ago, we finally made it a couple of weekends ago!!! We had an old uni friend of Mitch's staying with us for a few days (the lovely Ben, who takes the most amazing photographs & writes about his travels over at Mindless Wanderings) and when we discovered that he too wanted to visit this tiny, landlocked country it seemed like the perfect opportunity to hop in the car & make the short 3hr journey - driving through 4 countries in one day, that matches our current country hopping record!

Luxembourg really was beautiful. I had no idea what to expect, despite the fact that we had been wanting to go there for months. I had randomly picked a couple of places to visit - the small villages of Echternach, Vianden & of course, Luxembourg City was a must.

Echternach was a very quiet town - rather chilly (the car was registering down to like -2 on the way in!!!), which may have explained the lack of people around. We spent some time wandering around the centre and enjoyed a nice Autumn-y walk along the 'river' where orange leaves were plentiful. I read that it's the starting point for many hikes in the region - I imagine there would be some nice walks to be done in the surrounding forests during Summer.

Vianden was our next (and last) stop for the day. This was the one place in Luxembourg I had been really wanting to visit - it's home of the beautiful Chateau de Vianden. Like Echternach, this village too was quiet but in such a picturesque location with the beautiful castle overlooking the town - which looked even more lovely lit up at night.

On Sunday we headed a little further south to Luxembourg City. En route, we decided to take a peek at another one of this tiny country's chateaux - Chateau du Bourscheid. The castle was closed so we didn't go inside but instead took a wander around the exterior - it's half in ruins, but still quite pretty and the location was gorgeous, especially when the sun decided to appear and light up the valley below.

Luxembourg City was our final destination before making the drive back to Flatland. Being a Sunday, it was extremely quiet (everything is shut in Europe on a Sunday!!!!!!!) but livened up later in the afternoon as we were leaving, I think it was the once a month shopping Sunday. The city was really green, much more then I expected - it had some lovely parks and stately old buildings. And of course, all those beautiful Autumn colours :-)

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