Wednesday, November 24, 2010

O Christmas Tree...

I love this time of year :-) I love all the decorations, going light looking, the FOOD, wrapping presents, being with family and just the general holiday atmosphere... But one of my favourite things about Christmas would have to be decorating the Christmas tree. Mitch and I have had a mix of both real and fake trees over the past few years but despite me finally getting over my intense dislike for plastic trees (a forced change of heart when the local scouts weren't selling real trees in 2008 and it was fake or nothing that year), this year we are definitely getting a real tree - a white Christmas deserves a proper tree!!!

Although we'll be spending the holidays in France with friends, we are still planning on having a tree here at home for as long as possible - although, I was informed last night that according to Dutch tradition, we shouldn't be putting up any decorations, lights or a tree until Sinterklaas is over on - this ends on 5th December. Apparently everyone goes mad and everything is up though by the morning of 6th December - efficiency is definitely a nationwide strength. I can't wait to see decorations appear (no doubt ever so perfectly laid out, the Dutch are so neat!) in people's windows!!!

Our big box of Christmas decorations wasn't exactly high on our packing priority list when we moved to Holland this year so we are starting out from scratch in terms of decorations. I've picked up a few here and there (most notably from an awesome Christmas shop in France that had new vintage style decorations - oh my goodness, it was amazing!!!!) to get us started and I'm already thinking about our tree. It's going to be very difficult to hold back until December 6 - perhaps I will break tradition and put ours up early??? Thinking about what this Christmas has in store has gotten me thinking about Christmases past - here are a few snapshots of some past tree beauties...

Ok, I have to admit I don't have a single photograph of our tree from this year - not on the computer anyway. Back in these days we just had a film SLR and all our photo memories from this time are safely stored away in albums in my parents attic. But, in 2004 we were both uni students, newly married and living in a teeny tiny flat in Hendra. We didn't have any Christmas decorations or a real tree - but a cute little wire one, not quite like this but you get the idea... Ours had holders for tealight candles and I think we covered it in tiny baubles that Brumbys was discarding (yes, this was wayyy back in the casual bakery job times!!!).

Once again, all our proper photos are on film - but I did dig up (well, sift through the external back up drive to  find the photo!) this photo of our tree - taken on my phone at the time so mind the bluriness. We were living in a townhouse in Albany Creek and bought a lovely, scraggly real tree from the Scouts.

This was still in our pre-digital camera days so once again, no proper photos - except another blurry mobile phone shot (not sure why I was taking photos of Christmas trees on my phone??? It must have been new and a novelty). We were living in a townhouse in Wooloowin (wow now it sounds like we move a lot!!!) and got yet another unique, scraggly tree from the Scouts.

This year we were living in France and experiencing our first white Christmas - holidaying in Switzerland. We didn't have a Christmas tree of our own this year, but we did see a lot for sale - do these trees in Geneva count as our tree for 2007???

Back from France and so back to another 40degree Qld Christmas - just the way Christmas should be, hot and sweaty and eating prawns!!!! We had a couple of trees this year. Firstly, our very first fake tree - which as I discovered, wasn't as depressing as I was expecting and a whole lot easier to dispose of and clean up.

Nibbler (our pet turtle) got into the Christmas spirit for the first time this year and ran around under our toes while we decorated, enjoyed a bottle of red, listened to Christmas carols and took turns sticking our heads in the freezer in an attempt to cool down.

We also had a tree - a real one! - in Noosa that year. We spent the holidays with family in a couple of apartments along the Noosa river and had the most lovely time, including when a couple of friends visited and we went into the forestry with a saw and came home with a tree which we all then gathered together to decorate.

Our last Christmas in Australia - we pulled out the fake tree, having decided that it wasn't so bad after all and perhaps a bit more appealing then the mess we would face on the carpet with a real tree rapidly wilting in the hot summer weather.

2010 - I wonder what this Christmas has in store... :-)


  1. Love the ode to Christmas trees Lu!! Put decorations up early :)) We have decked our halls with decorations and loving it:) I've even been breaking out the Christmas tunes, chocolate and apricot balls! Tis the season to be jolly! Love lots, Martine

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