Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wandering Wednesday - Jodhpur, India

This time last year we were staying in the Indian city of Jodhpur. Located in the province of Rajasthan, Jodhpur is known as the 'blue city' of India and rightly so - from a distance, the old city appeared to be mostly a brilliant blue with just a few cream coloured buildings dotting the city scape. Traditionally, the blue colour signifies that the house belongs to a Brahmin. Apparently the city was especially colourful while we were there as everyone had just cleaned their houses for Diwali.

After escaping from the crazy, stinking hot tourist infested Pushkar Camel Fair, Jodhpur was heaven. After a delayed train (and car temporarily dying on the side of 'Snake Mountain' - we never thought we would get out of crazy Pushkar), we arrived at Jodhpur station late one night and spent a great deal of time attempting to contact our guest house who had failed to come pick us up despite our pre-arrangements (turns out they thought our booking was a hoax - apparently 6 people for 4 days seemed to good to be true) - the boys went in search of a phone while us girls fought off the local hagglers. I perfected my NO! that night and gleefully watched as 2 particularly persistent touts that were annoying me like nothing else were carted off by station security after I got a bit angry with them... Give them a couple of hours no doubt and they would've been back shoving postcards in someone else's face - it's just a part of travel in India that you have to expect.

After we made it to our really lovely guest house, we spent the next 4 days relaxing, reading, cuddling the resident sausage dog, getting Indian cooking lessons from the owners wife and wandering the city at our leisure.

I have to admit, I didn't see a great deal of the centre itself - the thought of shopping lured us into the suburbs and to the supermarkets (yes, I do love supermarkets in foreign countries) where we discovered that Cadbury chocolate is foul in India but Mentos is awesome. A few sweetie treats went went perfectly with a spot of Bollywood - going to the movies in India is a MUST! In Jodhpur we were introduced to a much better side of Salman Khan (after not being particularly fond of him in the previous movie we saw in Udaipur) and instantly fell in love with London Dreams - I mean, who can resist Salman dancing with a waterbottle on his head in Tapkey Masti...

Overlooking the city centre, the Mehrangarh Fort was the highlight of Jodhpur (well, perhaps it tied with London Dreams :P ). Dating back to 1459, this fort high up on the hill was spectacular. It afforded fantastic views over the entire city & surrounding desert and the museum was really interesting. We spent hours exploring this museum and watching the sunset from the old walls. I'd highly recommend a visit to Jodhpur even just for the sake of visiting this fort - it really was fascinating.

Ahhh, India... It's dirty, smelly, crowded and crazy and has a certain charm that you either love or hate - and for me, it was love :-)


  1. Nice post Lu. I always love to reminisce about our great Nepal/India trip. Hard to believe that it was 12 months ago. It's going to be hard to beat that holiday, although we will try this Christmas as we dance in the snow.

  2. Amazing pictures Love it. WOuld love to go to India myself one day. See you live in Nijmegen I went to school there and lived in Wijchen.


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