Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sunday drivers

One of our favourite weekend traditions here in Holland is Sunday driving - or more so, Sunday cycling. On a beautiful sunny day, it's really lovely to be out and about on one of the many bike paths in our region. Families are out riding together, people are taking their dog for a walk, some are horse riding and we've even seen a number of horse and carriages and little ponies with a trap. It's been a bit hard lately with the weather being below 0, but we like to get out on our bikes whenever we can.

The number of well maintained bike paths in our region alone is mind boggling - there is no shortage of new routes to take. It's very easy to follow, even for someone with a poor sense of direction like me - there are little numbered markers along the route which correspond to the maps. We are really blessed in our little part of Holland because there's a lot of 'nature' around - forests, lakes, rivers, not to mention all the cute little villages and of course, the big beautiful Waaldijk to ride along. Some sights over the past 8 months as seen from our trusty bikes...

Having just received a delivery of some roof racks and 2 bike carriers for our car, a whole new world of cycling opportunities has been opened up to us. We are especially excited about cycling through the tulip fields next year (half the motivation to buy roof racks!) and can't wait to see where we can go riding next - mind you, we haven't even covered half of what's around here yet...

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