Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thinking of the French Christmas markets...

When we lived in France in 2007-2008 we were lucky enough to see a couple of Christmas markets. Sipping on warm vin chaud while standing around oversized wine barrels, eating gingerbread, wandering around the cute little huts selling Christmas goods under a canopy of brilliant lights will be etched in my memory forever - there's nothing quite like your first wintry Christmas. The French Christmas markets I think have ruined me for any other - I went walking through town here yesterday in the hope of seeing something similar (apparently the Winter/Christmas festival has started?) but it didn't quite compare. With the countdown to our visitors getting smaller and smaller (yay!!!!), we've got plans to all go trooping around some Christmas markets next week - I'm hoping they will bring back my fond memories of a beautiful marche de noel in our then home town of Avignon, France....

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