Monday, January 24, 2011

Welcome to the world - Dutch style

One of my favourite traditions in Holland is how a house is transformed when a new life enters the world. To greet the parents upon their return from hospital (I'm not sure how it works when people have their babies at home as is very common here - I guess you just get to help with the decorating?), friends & family adorn the house with either pink or blue bunting, flags, balloons, banners, hand painted name signs (I've even seen the name of the baby spelled out letter-by-letter on rompers strung in the garden) and of course - a giant stork, either wooden and sitting in the garden, or plush and stuck to the window. Riding around our town, I've seen so many decorated houses and it's a really cool tradition - I especially love seeing all the names...

I'm very excited to have become an Aunty again today (for the... 8th time!!!) as my dear sister and her husband have welcomed their precious baby boy into the world. He is such a cutie and the spitting image of his big brother in my opinion!!!! Congratulations guys - we are so excited for you both and can't wait to meet little Byron... We hope you like your little welcome home surprise from Holland :-)


  1. Hey Lu,
    congrats on being an aunty again. It is very exciting that Byron has arrived, I am looking forward to meeting him to.
    Your pictures of Paris a few posts back made me really want to go back there.....sigh...
    Have a lovely day,

  2. I also think it's really cute how they serve "beschuit met muisjes" (a little cracker with pink or blue anise flavoured sprinkles) when a baby is born. I didn't quite get it the first time I encountered it, but it is really a sweet tradition.

  3. Hey Lu!! Thankyou so so so much for the beautiful coming home gift! I cried when I saw them - I felt your love from Holland! Soo special!! Love you lots, Martine

  4. @Selina - you'll have to give Byron some cuddles from me when you meet him please! Hope you're doing well :-)

    @dutchification - ahhhh beschuit met muisjes, I had forgotten about these! I'm yet to taste them but it really is a sweet idea. I'm loving learning about all these new Dutch traditions :-)

    @Martine - you're so welcome Tia :-) The day you let me know you were having a boy, I ran to the shops and stocked up and gave it to Dad to take back to Aus with strict instructions NOT to tell you about it - you know how bad Dad can be with 'accidentally' dropping hints so I'm very proud that he kept it a secret for all those months! Love lots xo

  5. Congrats !
    Passing by also to wish you a wonderful week and to inform about the draw in my blog.


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