Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy anniversary :-)

Yesterday was our 7th wedding anniversary... How did that happen already??? The years just seem to fly by! This year is an extra special anniversary as it's our first one with a baby one the way - and our last one without kids. We had a lovely dinner out at a little Italian place in Martigny last night (it was pretty good - it's hard to find good places to eat out in Switzerland, you usually end up paying big bucks for mediocre food) but seeing as it's our last anniversary getaway without baby, we decided to live it up a little this year and do something this coming weekend that we've talked about for years but never gotten around to doing... We are finally going to do a chateau stay in France :-)

It's always been a tradition for us to go away and celebrate our anniversary in some way... Last night we were talking about what we've done over the past years and it was funny to sit back and think about the places we've been to celebrate the happiest day of our lives :-)

First wedding anniversary... Tokoriki Island, Fiji. I think we spent our actual wedding anniversary scuba diving???

Second wedding anniversary... Noosa. Probably my favourite place in Queensland, we've done a fair few weekend getaways here and the lovely Verano resort at Noosaville was the perfect place to relax for our second anniversary.

Third wedding anniversary... Mooloolaba. We had booked a getaway after Christmas for a resort here and they double booked us by mistake - ended up moving us to another resort AND giving us a voucher for the penthouse at the original resort which we used for our anniversary getaway :-)

Fourth wedding anniversary... France! We went horse riding in the Camargue, being a horsey girl from way back, it was a fun way to spend the day!

Fifth wedding anniversary... Sirromet winery, Brisbane. This year we didn't go away but instead chose to spend the day at a winery & enjoy a beautiful lazy lunch in the Sirromet restaurant. I'd highly recommend going here, it was amazing!

Sixth wedding anniversary... We had just planned to go out for dinner in Brisbane as we were in the midst of packing & preparing for the big move overseas but Mitch surprised me with a weekend away at Noosa, the sweetheart :-) We stayed at Tingirana on Hastings Street (lovely place) with it's awesome pool and enjoyed dinner at one of my favourite restaurants in Noosa, Bistro C.

Ahhh... Fun times! I'm already counting down the days til the weekend - can't wait to go away and celebrate another fantastic year :-)


  1. I said to Kris on Monday that it was your anniversary... Happy Aniversary guys!!! Can't believe it's been 7 years... :-)

    Love Kate

    PS - Put your care package inthe post yesterday. Gotta be happy when the lady at the Post Office says - for the same price, you can get in an extra pack of tim tams... So I did! xx

  2. Hey Lu and Mitch,
    congrats on your wedding anniversary!! I hope you have a wonderful time together in France.
    How are you finding Switzerland?
    I met Byron on Monday, he is gorgous, and Noah is a very proud big brother, they looked so cute together.

  3. Thanks guys :-)

    @ Kate - yay yay yay YAY!!!! I am so excited!!!! Thank you :-) I am hanging out for my care package! xo

    @ Selina - Switzerland is... interesting. A big change from Holland - I much prefer living in Holland so far. It's beautiful here (pretty amazing views) but veryyyyy quiet. Should be a good couple of months but I am looking forward to going 'home'. I'm very jealous you got to meet Byron, he sounds like such a sweetie :-) Take care xo


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