Friday, February 11, 2011

La petite bump - 13 weeks

I'm now 13 weeks in and the bump is definitely growing... Not huge yet, but stroopy is big enough for me to farewell my skinny jeans and make the transition into maternity pants - oh so comfy and not half as unattractive as I had been imagining (that is, until my shirt rides up and that super trendy elastic waistband appears).

I've gone from a non-existent bump (well, except my little 'stroopwafel' belly :-P ) at 4 weeks...

To this little bump at 8 weeks...

To this noticeable bump at 13 weeks!!!! It's been wayyyy too cold so far to wear my usual dresses & boots but in the last week, the weather has warmed up nicely and I'm loving being back in some nice comfy dresses - ones that show off the bump, of course :-)

It's been an interesting journey so far - having a baby, our first baby, in a foreign country where things are done quite differently to Australia can be somewhat daunting at times. And to top it off, I'm spending 2 months of this pregnancy in another foreign country - Switzerland! This is going to be a well traveled baby before he/she is even born.

Since spilling the beans to family on Christmas Day, the weeks have disappeared ever so quickly - other then a few days here and there of nothing but throwing up and feeling rotten, I think I fared fairly well in the first 12 weeks. My energy is finally returning and I'm feeling more human again - I can even look at photos of our Christmas holiday in Les Houches without wanting to be sick (for a while there I was associating snow with morning sickness - even looking at Christmas photos made me feel ill). Time truly is flying by already and I know that August is going to be here before we know it - I can't wait though :-)

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