Monday, February 28, 2011

Life in Switzerland - half way there already!

So, we're 4 weeks through our stay in Switzerland with 4 to go - I made it to the half way point, yay!!!! I would be kidding myself if I said that the last 4 weeks have been a breeze (especially with the last week of being sick) but I must admit, they have gone a bit quicker then I was expecting - thank goodness. It's not that I hate it here (well...) and I have really been loving having our good friends just down the road but in the last month, I've discovered that this country is just not for me. I still love it - it's beautiful that's for sure and there are so many places to discover here but I think it's best for me personally as a holiday destination. Luckily, we have LOTS of excuses to come down here for holidays to visit our friends!!!!! I'm really looking forward to going home - I can't wait to be back on my bike (although I'm a little scared that the amount I've expanded in the 2 months we've been gone may result in some balance issues); I can't wait to be back in our roomy, lovely apartment with my full size kitchen; I can't wait to be back in a comfy bed (the bed in our place here is awful and resulting in a bit of backache for both of us); I can't wait to shop at a supermarket with reasonable prices; I can't wait to be somewhere with life and shops! and well... I just can't wait to get back. Especially as it will be tulip season!!!!! But anyway, enough of my whining about the quiet side of the mountain - we have been having some fun while we've been here.

On Saturday, Mitch and Roy decided to go skiing seeing as we had all that snow on Thursday and it's Mitch's birthday this week (Mitch had told me he wanted to go skiing for his birthday present this year...). Seeing as I'm currently grounded when it comes to skiing and Tiff's not a skier, us girls decided to go shopping & have a bit of a bake up for the day. It was an early start for a Saturday (I was up at like 7am!!! That's early for us - but something we're going to have to get used to in the near future I suppose!) and I was feeling a bit sad I wasn't skiing - Mitch took my little camera up and got a few snaps, it looked beautiful...

But anyway, I soon got over my ski envy once Tiff and I decided to create a masterpiece...

We had both been craving Black Forest cake ever since our visit to the Black Forest in January - sans cake :-( So we figured we may as well have a go at making it... And here's the result!!!

After a few minor changes, it became known as the VAC - Valais Alp Cake :-)

The almost birthday boy! (27 later this week!)

Mitch, there's a plate right here....

It had layers of chocolate sponge, fresh raspberry coulis, whipped cream & grated chocolate and was topped with chocolate ganache, cream and raspberries - YUM! 

Amazingly, it wasn't too rich. This is what was left after the 4 of us got stuck into it for dessert!

The chefs! (I'm very disappointed that my bump is non-existent in this photo! It really is there, I promise!!!!)
Everyone knows I love my baking but I have to say - this cake was pretty darn special. I was very impressed with our efforts!!! It was so gigantic it couldn't fit in the fridge and we instead cooled it on the balcony - luckily it's really cold here! I mean, who needs a fridge when you've got a large balcony - it worked a treat!


  1. Love the photo of the St Bernard on the ski field. Have you been to the museum in Martigny?

    The cake looks amazing. Who doesn't love a good Black Forest cake?

  2. Not yet, but I'm planning on it one of these days when I remember to ask Mitch to get the pass for me - I want to see the St Bernard puppies there! I haven't seen a St Bernard over here yet (was very jealous I missed out on seeing the dog in the ski fields!) except the plush, stuffed version which isn't quite the same! Hope you're settling back into Aus well :-)

  3. Yummmm!!! That cake looks so delicious Lu!! You'll have to have an extra piece for me ;-)
    Happy Birthday to Mitch, I hope you have a lovely day together.
    Life here is much the same, no snow or mountains, just lots of hot humid weather. I have done a big run of days working, but from Thursday I have 5 days off, so I'm looking forward to that.

  4. @ Selina - I had plenty of extra pieces :P I think I demolished 1/4 of the entire cake, it was yummmm!!!!! Enjoy your days off :-)


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