Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snowed in, snowed in...

Ok, so totally forget what I said about there being no snow in Switzerland at the moment... This morning we woke up and looked outside to discover it was snowing!!! Huge snowflakes were coming down but had barely coated the ground. Within an hour, we couldn't see the grass and there was a thick layer of snow everywhere - we had totally lost sight of the vineyards and all the mountains. Mitch rugged up and headed off to work and within 20mins, he was back in the door...

So it turns out that our alp-side temporary home is very difficult to get out of when it snows. Mitch had managed to get part way up the driveway when the car was struggling to grip the road. He got out to put the snow chains on and... the car started SLIPPING DOWN THE HILL!!!! The handbrake was on and all but it was just so slippery out there that the car (even with winter tires!) couldn't stop. Luckily it only got about 50cm before stopping - any further and it would've gone off a small cliff... Not good :-(

So we are snowed in and Mitch is working from home as not only is our driveway impossible, but our steep, windy, guardrail-less mountain road doesn't seem to get plowed. Thankfully Mitch got groceries last night (the sweetheart has been doing everything this week cos I've been sick) so we've got food for a couple of days at least but no clothes... He dropped the dirty clothes to the laundromat yesterday but was told he couldn't pick them up til tonight and there is no way that's going to happen! Oh well. Thankfully we are warm and snug in our teeny place but as much as I love the snow - man I can't wait to get back to Flatland!

--- UPDATE --- Since I started typing this post hours ago, not only our road but also our driveway has been plowed! Thank you Mr Plow Man in your speedy red 4wd!!!!!! Our neighbours are sprinkling salt on the freshly plowed roads and so we should be able to make it out tomorrow. Great news! In the meantime, Mitch and I have been out and about in the snow - I even made a snow angel!!!!

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  1. oh, thats a beautiful snow angel!!
    throw some snowballs for those of us who are in heat and humidity ;-)


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